Thursday, 28 November 2019

What is a NOC and how does it improve the availability of data centers?

An Operational Network Center (NOC IT) is a central place where administrators manage, monitor and maintain large enterprise networks. With a network operations center, it acts as a workstation to monitor the status of the system and through the necessary software that we manage. Here we monitor the Network, the Server, the Application and the Website.
 There is no network, server, application, or site that ServerAdminz cannot monitor. Your critical devices or complex network systems or even IT work because your overall industry will be managed by us. We specialize in managing, monitoring, and maintaining the IT systems that run your business. We also manage and run the entire platform, releasing staff to focus on running your business.

ServerAdminz NOCAdminz, a 24 x 7 management NOC from dedicated engineers, offers one hour of project management to increase margin and thus allow your internal team to focus on strategic and business activities for consumers. Our Network Operations Center (NOC infrastructure) is the latest technology from technology experts. We build on a world-class network operations center, providing unrivaled technical assistance and expertise to ensure safety, consistency and quality no matter where your services are deployed.

NOCAdminz Monitoring Services

NOCadminz directs you to achieve maximum uptime

At ServerAdminz, we do not believe there is a better value for network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, and industry site monitoring. Our specialized NOC technologies are good enough to meet the competency. We invest in redundant NOC installations that not only guarantee operational efficiency but also ensure network operation for our customers.

NOCadminz skill set
  • We build on a worldwide network operations center, providing unparalleled technical support and expertise 24 * 7 * 365. We handle 95% of your routine tickets and release the pressure from your business, sparing you from investments in IT infrastructure. and related costs. as well as contributing to achieving the business objective by focusing on revenue-generating projects.
  • Focus your qualified team on the strategic business issues of the clients
  • Flexibility to add and remove devices as your technical environment changes
  • Provide services using current remote monitoring and PSA / Ticketing tools
  • Provides visibility of performance in the IT infrastructure and improves the availability of IT systems.

NOCAdminz Features and Benefits

Faster response
A dedicated NOCAdminz team will monitor the infrastructure 24/7/365 and respond to all alerts as quickly as possible.

Customer Experience
Perform error and performance monitoring, resource management, patch management, and vulnerability scanning to help restore high functionality.

Proactive Monitoring
Monitor the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure and proactively take responses to maintain uptime.

Reduce cost
Centralized management and maintenance of infrastructure devices helps reduce costs.

Improved functions, without the need to increase staff or internal resources.

Improving IT Performance
Provide visibility into all IT performance and track historical IT systems

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