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Top 5 Best Aquarium Apps for Android for Aquarium keepers in 2020

There are thousands of Apps that are published on google play store that helps aquarium keepers in many ways but these top 5 apps I am going to mention here will assist you to keep Your Aquarium Clean and your Fish Happy and Feed them well.

1: Aquarium Note
The number one android app on my watch list is aquarium Note that is multi-function aquarium logger that has the ability to keep track of a wide range of data and activities that are crucial for aquarists who are struggling to take care properly after the complete beginning of their fish tanks in their homes. Aquarium note is such an amazing app that helps you with mazing features, you can check and see twenty-four different types of water parameters and also can monitor the changes time by time graphically and also you can calculate all your expenses or spending’s on aquarium related products. Also, you can keep a record of your livestock lists using different types of filters and also set alarms or popup notifications to keep you remind about your activities. You can also write the tasks to do in your lists and you will never miss any of your aquarium activity that has to be finished on time.
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2: Aquarium Manager
Second android app on my wish list is Aquarium Manager that is completely free available on play store and made by tailor-made for home hobby water aquarists and for temporary aquarium keepers or those who are newbie in fish keeping. This Aquarium Manager app comes with priceless tips on how to feeding you fish guidelines and it’s all about diet schedules, also about water value logging and optimal measures to take for maintenance of your fish tank and reminders to be set the same as an aquarium diary or notebook. It is also equipped with a photo library of fishes or other aquatic animals.

The third one on my list of best apps about fish keepers is AqDiary. As the name is telling you something and talking with you I am a diary so you can also understand its functionality too. This diary app which will help you to track your periodic fish tank maintenance and duties to be fulfilled like water changes of tank, water PH value measurement with PH test kit, eggs fertilizing, feeding your fish, or the very importantly weekly filter cleanups to keep your tank securely. Unlike the aquarium manager, you can also set reminders for you’re to do tasks that need to be done.

4:Aquarium Organisms
The fourth one is specially designed for beginners or newbies in the hobby of fish keeping also named aquarium organisms. In case, If you have no information about keeping fishes as pets then this app can be very beneficial for you. It also gives you tips to how to set up a fish tank from A to Z. This app is a full pack of over 890 plus species, guide and care sheets about them. You can also find useful information about invertebrate’s plants and very easy guides on your fingertips. It also contains biological data and leaning about fish species with the help of pictures and bookmarking things so you can access your loved things whenever you need.

5: Fish Live
The last one on my wish list is Fish Live Fish Live which is one of the best simulators of aquarium life for mobile devices designed especially for fish keepers. This android app is just like the game that offers a lot of chances & realistic 3d graphics, and dynamic gameplay for players who love gaming.

Final Words:
These top 5 apps will help you to maintain your aquarium in a very easy way and to schedule your work. It is very easy to install them free of cost from the play store. They are designed for both beginners and advanced aquarists. Have happy fish keeping J

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